The Contact Form that connects with your Audience

Stay in the loop effortlessly. With our instant notifications, you'll never miss a message from your audience.

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Ready to use themes according to your needs

A Better way to receive User Messages.

Easy to Integrate

Our easy-to-use API makes integration a breeze, allowing you to set up in minutes. Add a contact form to your website or app in no time!

Blazing Fast

With just a 7KB JS code, our contact form loads in the blink of an eye, ensuring a smooth user experience for your visitors.

Privacy Friendly

We don't store any user messages, so you can be sure that your visitors' privacy is protected.

Amazon Powered

Our service is powered by Amazon Web Services, ensuring high performance, security, and reliability. You can count on Send2M to be up and running when you need it most.

Seamless Integrations

We support sending data to your favourite sources, including Telegram and Notion. Receive instant notifications on your mobile device, ensuring you never miss a crucial lead. Stay notified of new contact form submissions even when you're away from your desk right from your mobile.


You don't need any server to handle form submissions. We handle it for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Modern Themes

We offer a variety of modern themes to match the look and feel of your website. No need to worry about design. We've got you covered.

Priority Customer Support

No Matter whether you are a Free User or a Premium User, we treat you the Same. Get priority email support from our team. We're here to help you.

Universal Support

Send2M can be used on any platform that supports embedding JavaScript. This means you can use Send2M on your website, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and more.

Spam Protection

We take care of spam protection, so you can focus on getting more leads and customers.

Domain Lock In

We prevent other people from using your contact form on their websites. This keeps your form safe and secure.

3 steps to get you started

  1. 1Sign up for an accountCreate an account and start using Send2M right away. No credit card required.
  2. 2Create your Contact FormEnter your Channel ID, Website URL and Generate Code. Embed it on your Website and Start accepting Forms
  3. 3Connect with WebsiteCopy the Generated Code and Paste it on your Website. Start receiving your Messages!

Simple no-tricks pricing

Free Membership

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What's included

  • Unlimited Forms

  • 1000 Messages

  • Instant Telegram Notifications

  • Priority Support

  • No Watermark


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  • Unlimited Forms

  • Unlimited Messages

  • Instant Telegram Notifications

  • Priority Support

  • No Watermark

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Frequently asked questions

How can I easily add Send2M's form to my website?
It's a breeze! Simply insert our single-line JavaScript code into your website's HTML, and you're all set.
Are there any message limitations based on the plan I choose?
Yes, the Free Membership allows you to receive up to 1,000 messages per month. With the Lifetime Membership, you can enjoy unlimited number of messages.
How secure is the service?
Your security is our top priority. All messages are encrypted and deleted immediately after delivery.
What if I miss an important message?
No worries! Every message is instantly forwarded to your Telegram account, so you won't miss a thing.
What is included in the Lifetime Membership?
The Lifetime Membership includes unlimited messages, priority support, no delay in messages, all for a one-time payment.
Do you offer customer support?
Absolutely! Our customer support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or issues you may have.